Fifty Shades Of Magic

For a refreshingly naughty and yet nice Magic Show. Look no further than Marc Wegkamp

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Naughty yet Clean Fun

A fun evening with the girls can be an interesting Challenge.  Did Granny get invited and your little sister insisted on joining?

Fifty Shades of Magic provides entertainment that connects on multiple levels at the same time.  The naughty girls get the suggestive humour, while Gran (Who may have been just as wild in her youth...) can pretend only to enjoy the magic.

Theoretically the show is safe enough for primary school children, although they may ask why everyone is laughing all the time at jokes that are not that funny.

The Show

Handcuffs, Ropes, a Threesome...  Even a straitjacket....  

Do not be Afraid.

Carefully integrated with comedy, these ingredients have a classy and hilarious combination.

Finishing it off with a magical routine around the book that started it all, Fifty Shades of Magic is an ideal part of your Bachelorette Party.

What do our clients say?

This is the second time we have used Marc's 50 shades of magic show for a Bachelorette. It is full of light hearted humour that has everyone in fits of laughter!!!! This show is perfect for a Bachelorette, kitchen tea or really any function where you're looking for unique and funny entertainment! We would definitely recommend him!                                                  
                                                                                                   - Kerry B.

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